My 3 Words for 2018: Self. Now. Reduce.

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As I have every year for several, I’ve picked three words to help guide me in 2018 instead of creating a long list of resolutions that will be forgotten within a month. Some years I do better than others at staying on track and keeping the themes for the year in mind throughout the year.

Last year’s words were: Focus. Move. Balance. In a year that included many distractions, such as Hurricane Harvey, I’m not shocked that for the latter part of the year I let myself get derailed.

This year’s words: Self. Now. Reduce.

SELF: One of my focal points for this year is to take care of my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In short, to prioritize my-SELF while I attempt to do everything else.

NOW: Is very similar to last year’s MOVE — vocalizing a desire to stop overthinking things and just do them. I need to stop over-thinking, over-planning and waiting until everything is idea to try new things or launch new projects. This approach may increase my failures, but it has the potential to help me learn. In the end, I expect this also will increase my successes.

REDUCE: This isn’t the first year that REDUCE makes an appearance as one of my choices. As someone who frequently holds onto things longer than I should — from miscellaneous objects to files — I need to make room for new experiences by cutting out the clutter. This includes things, time-wasters, and mental clutter.

This year I’m also incorporating several review sessions throughout the year to remind myself what I’m supposed to be focusing on this year. I’m hoping this will help keep me on track.

What are your goals, objectives or words for 2018?

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