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The Life and Times of Sandra Fernandez

Welcome to SandraSays.com!

Nice to meet you.

Is this your first visit? My name is Sandra Fernandez and I am a public relations and social media strategist, tech enthusiast, and book lover. These pages are a space where I share info on technology, communications, friends and other things. (Scroll further to find links on recent posts.)

Connect with me

Want to contact me? Check out my about page. Want to connect with me via social media? Links to my channels are listed below (in the footer) and in the about page.

And don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

Hire me!

Through Story Zone Media I provide the following services: social media strategy & implementation, social media training & coaching, public relations strategy & implementation, and content marketing.

Other projects

My other two passion projects are Hispanic Houston and Spotlight Houston Show.

Hispanic Houston is a hyper-local blog providing calendar info and news for and about Hispanics in Houston.

Spotlight Houston Show is a podcast I produce and occasionally co-host. (See below for links to recent news & episodes.)

Passion Projects