My 3 Words for 2017: Focus. Move. Balance.

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Happy New Year! For many of us, a new year gives us a great opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over in different aspects of our lives. Some might approach this through resolutions (which I used to do as well). Some of us pick themes or words to help guide the next year.

I choose three words to represent areas where I want try to improve or in which I would try to make changes. This year’s words are (once again) a revisit of some I’ve used in previous years.

Focus. For the third year in a row I’m making “Focus” one of the important themes for the year. I’m still letting things distract me from what’s important, from the goals and objectives that I really want to achieve. Focus is something that’s an ongoing challenge for me. Some years I do better at this than others. But I still don’t think I’m doing this well enough to take this off my list of words.

Move. This year I’m going to make an effort to stop overthinking things and just doing them. I have the bad habit of planning things out for a long while and then implementing them. I’m going to adopt the “fail fast” theory and just try new things — if they work, great; if they don’t work, then it’s a lesson learned. Either way, I’ll have actually ticked off items from my lists.

Balance —”Balance” is one of those words that has made an appearance in my yearly choice on more than one occasion. I need to make more time for fun, family, and friends. I need to go out and do things because it’s hard to be creative when you never go out and do creative things. And it’s important to refuel my spirit and mind.

What are your goals, objectives or words for 2017?

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