My 3 Words for 2015: Balance. Focus. Create

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It’s become a tradition (or a habit) now, every year I pick three words to help guide me in the upcoming year. I do this instead of writing out resolutions or personal goals. I’ve been much happier with the results of this practice, instead of telling myself that I’ll lose weight or save more money.

This year’s words are actually revisiting some I’ve used in previous years. What that tells me is that these are areas that need more work.

Balance — I need to make more time for fun, family, and friends. I need to go out and do things, instead of reading about others going out and doing things. As I stated two years ago, it’s hard to write about interesting things if you’re not doing interesting things.

Focus — I need to stop letting distractions… well, distract me from the things I really want to achieve. Focus is something that’s once again become a challenge for me. I’m hoping to make some progress in that this year.

Create — the ability to create (write, photograph, complete projects ) is one of the reasons I want to focus. Let’s see how I do this year.

What did you plan for 2015?

Blogging Goals

By the way, I decided not to create new blogging goals for 2015. Mostly because I got distracted from the ones for 2014 and didn’t achieve them to my satisfaction. I will simply be adopting last year‘s again:

  • Create a style guide
  • Pay attention to the editorial calendar
  • Master analytics
  • Go mobile
  • Add an email component
  • Be visual

Wish me luck!

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