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This Week in Blogs: January 25

Photo Jul 03, 7 34 35 AMThis week’s blogging roundup, featuring posts on the blogs and the mini-blogs:

I actually posted content to Sandra Says this week, with “Social Media Conferences in February.”

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, I posted “Video Pick: Heart-Shapped Cupcake Toppers” in Hispanic Houston.

More photos from my Stock Photo series, “Stock Photos: Gourmet Burgers,” on Going Social Houston.

I’ve started adding content, again, on a few of my “to start soon” projects. And so I have “Video Pick: ‘News Update 1.23.15 – YouTube’” (in Around Pearland) and “Video Pick: Love Letter Garland – YouTube” (in Her Bayou City).

And a few event listings:

Social Media Conferences in February

BloggingLatina Bloggers Connect has a great list of Social Media Conferences that spans the entire year of 2015. Want to schedule out your year? Then you absolutely need to check out this list.

And, by the way, they publish the list every year in December, so you can check back to find next year’s list took.

Here are a few highlights:

Do you have any to add?

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SOURCE: 2015 Social Media Conferences || Latina Bloggers Connect

Image source: PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

This week in blogs: January 18

Photo Jul 03, 7 34 35 AMThis week’s blogging roundup, featuring posts on the blogs and the mini-blogs:

I talk about my guilty pleasure “Jane the Virgin” in “TV Finds: Golden Globe 2015 + Jane the Virgin” (Hispanic Houston). It’s a very entertaining show, and you’re probably not watching it.

Houston’s Caracol restaurant was named the top restaurant in the Texas Monthly‘s 2015 List of Where to Eat. I share photos from a recent visit to that restaurant in “Where to eat now? Caracol” (Hispanic Houston).

Looking for some great books to read? I suggest a few in “Books by Latino Authors” (Hispanic Houston).

I’ve started posting stock photos again. This week’s batch has photos from Bay Area Park in Clear Lake, Texas.

Congratulations, University of Houston, for being named best in online graduate education programs. I share some photos of the campus in “University of Houston is No. 1” (Hispanic Houston).

And a few events:

My 3 Words for 2015: Balance. Focus. Create.

geralt / Pixabay

Three Words

It’s become a tradition (or a habit) now, every year I pick three words to help guide me in the upcoming year. I do this instead of writing out resolutions or personal goals. I’ve been much happier with the results of this practice, instead of telling myself that I’ll lose weight or save more money.

This year’s words are actually revisiting some I’ve used in previous years. What that tells me is that these are areas that need more work.

Balance — I need to make more time for fun, family, and friends. I need to go out and do things, instead of reading about others going out and doing things. As I stated two years ago, it’s hard to write about interesting things if you’re not doing interesting things.

Focus — I need to stop letting distractions… well, distract me from the things I really want to achieve. Focus is something that’s once again become a challenge for me. I’m hoping to make some progress in that this year.

Create — the ability to create (write, photograph, complete projects ) is one of the reasons I want to focus. Let’s see how I do this year.

What did you plan for 2015?

Blogging Goals

By the way, I decided not to create new blogging goals for 2015. Mostly because I got distracted from the ones for 2014 and didn’t achieve them to my satisfaction. I will simply be adopting last year‘s again:

  • Create a style guide
  • Pay attention to the editorial calendar
  • Master analytics
  • Go mobile
  • Add an email component
  • Be visual

Wish me luck!

image source: geralt / Pixabay

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Media relations tips

Andrys / PixabayNeed to pitch a story? PR Daily has some tips on how to make sure you do it right. Here are my favorites:

Get to the point.
Don’t make it a long pitch where they have to read through the end before they get to the pitch, or understand it. Make it clear and make it short.

Don’t pitch them off-topic.
If you’re pitching a reporter on a story that’s outside what they normally cover, make it obvious why they would want to cover your story. But if it’s not related, don’t pitch it; it’s not likely they’ll cover it.

There are a few more you’ll want to check out.

What’re your favorite tips for media relations?

* * *

SOURCE: How to avoid publishers’ 5 worst pitching peeves || PR Daily

IMAGE SOURCE: Andrys / Pixabay

Instagram is bigger than Twitter

Instagram, the four-year old photo sharing social network, has overtaken Twitter. It’s really not a surprise that they’ve become so big.

As the announcement of this milestone is rolled out, Instagram is also in the process of deleting millions of acounts they are identifying as “spam accounts.”As the accounts are deleted. some us will see reductions in our follower counts.

They’ve announced verified badges for celebrities, athletes and brands, “making it easier for you to connect with the authentic accounts you’re looking for.” That will make it easier for users to connect with the “real” account for these celebrities and brands.

So, if you’re not using Instagram for your personal branding and/or your company, I suggest you give it a try.

Nature can be pretty…

A photo posted by Sandra Fernandez (@sandrasays) on

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The cool thing I do now

I’ve been very quiet about my new job. I’d promised a blog post to my readers and a guest post to someone else on the topic of what I do now. I’ve failed to meet both promises.

Today, though, I am going to do a shout out about a project I’m working on. I’m part of a team that’s working behind the scenes to make this happen. Some of the people tweeting about #LatinGRAMMY (today and tomorrow) are going to get a response in song. You can read details in this article. Yes, a few of the responses will be sung by Prince Royce, and the rest won’t.

Tune in at the website for the 48-hour long soundtrack. Or just tune in via twitter to @verizonlatino to see the responses in real time.

Either way, this is what I’m doing today and tomorrow. Kinda cool.

image source: Didgeman / Pixabay

2014 Texas Conference for Women Highlights #txconfwomen

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