2013: The Year End Review

hello 2014!What did you want to do in 2013? It’s the end of the year and I honestly don’t remember what I wanted to achieve this year. I’m going to revisit my words and see where I fell, but I don’t create resolutions any more and my words are a direction, a theme, more than actual goals. I’m not sure I had actual goals this year.

The things I did accomplish this year fall into a few categories, based on activities. Here’s what happened:

I became a lifestyle blogger. In all the time I’ve been online, I’ve never been a lifestyle blogger. When I launched HispanicHouston.com I jumped the line on the type of blogging I do. Even with the mini-blogs, what I write was always mostly communications, business and social media. With HH I delved into reviews, recommendations and opinions. I didn’t think it through, didn’t realize that by doing this I’d get great insights into blogger relations, from the angle of the blogger. It’s been a great learning experience.

I stopped teaching. One of the things that rolled over from 2012 into 2013 is that I never went back to teaching. Once upon a time I used to teach social media classes at the local Small Business Development Center. I took a break for health reasons (in 2012). I didn’t return in 2013 because I’d made the decision to reduce my commitments and start to focus on specific areas of business. I miss it. I may have to look into re-adding a teaching element to my activities in 2014.

I stopped using other people’s metrics. I found myself making this mistake when looking at my career, my business, and my life. I kept using milestones and levels of achievement chosen by others as a measure of success. Realizing that I was imposing others into my view of my accomplishments was liberating. It’s allowed me to break the mold I was using and make decisions based on what I want for myself, now and in the future.

I found my voice. I actually should state that I’m finding my voice. Years of writing about professional topics, as well as for and about client projects, had forced me to suppress my personality when I write. I know that this doesn’t happen to all communicators, but it’s what happened to me. This year I began to push my boundaries, my comfort levels, and the result has been that I’m seeing more of myself in what I produce. I’m happier with it. I expect to continue with this in 2014.

I celebrated small milestones. I had a quiet year personally and a packed year professionally. I attended Hispanicize for the first time and worked on a committee to create TechStreet Houston. I revived my mini-blogs, and to an extent this one as well. I retired my netbook, moving fully to my iPad for all my mobile computing needs. I did my first requested review. I participated in my first sponsored event as a blogger. I started to end commitments that were distracting me. I practiced my craft.

I’m looking forward to 2014.

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