The cool thing I do now

I’ve been very quiet about my new job. I’d promised a blog post to my readers and a guest post to someone else on the topic of what I do now. I’ve failed to meet both promises.

Today, though, I am going to do a shout out about a project I’m working on. I’m part of a team that’s working behind the scenes to make this happen. Some of the people tweeting about #LatinGRAMMY (today and tomorrow) are going to get a response in song. You can read details in this article. Yes, a few of the responses will be sung by Prince Royce, and the rest won’t.

Tune in at the website for the 48-hour long soundtrack. Or just tune in via twitter to @verizonlatino to see the responses in real time.

Either way, this is what I’m doing today and tomorrow. Kinda cool.

image source: Didgeman / Pixabay

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2014 Texas Conference for Women Highlights #txconfwomen

A Storify board from the Texas Conference for Women:

Blogging pricing tips from @livinglocurto for #blogelevated

A Storify board from the Blog Elevated Conference:

Image credit: geralt / Pixabay

Bloggging income tips from @foodbloggerpro for #blogelevated

A Storify board from the Blog Elevated Conference:

Image source: PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Photography tips from Lindsay Onstrom, Pinch of Yum #blogelevated

A Storify board from the Blog Elevated Conference:

Image credit: isisnedjem / Pixabay

This Week in Blogs — September 7

Photo Jul 03, 7 34 35 AMThis week’s blogging roundup, featuring posts on the blogs and the hawaii cash advance payday loans software mini-blogs:

This Week in Blogs — August 24

Photo Jul 03, 7 34 35 AMThis week’s blogging roundup, featuring posts on the blogs and the mini-blogs:

Stock Photos: House under construction || Going Social Houston <– More random “stock” photos from around Houston. This one has a house under construction with the Houston skyline in the background.

Dominique Sachse’s new YouTube channel || Her Bayou City <– A short post plus a YouTube video pure electronic cigarette about KPRC’s Dominique Sachse starting a “style” YouTube channel.

Approximately 51% of Federal Student Loans aren’t paid on time || Not Just for Teachers <– A short post linking to  this story in the Huffington Post  that discusses the reality that more than half of all federal student loan borrowers are not paying them back on time.

This Week in Blogs — August 17

Photo Jul 03, 7 34 35 AMThis week’s blogging roundup, featuring posts on the blogs and the mini-blogs:

Reasons to fall in love with Samsung Galaxy S5 || Hispanic Houston <– Where I do my final review of this phone, before returning the loaner.

Stock Photos: Spring Flowers || Going Social Houston <– I think I’m going to stop embedding Flickr photos into posts. The images don’t “thumbnail” when shared via social media. I will have to upload the images to the blog directly and link to the photo on Flickr.

Houston Social Media Breakfast re Measuring the ROI of Social Media || Sandra Says <– A Storify board.

Killaches are a best-seller || Around Pearland <– Just a short post sharing a link to an article about the popularity of the new Killens BBQ kolaches at Pena’s Donut Heaven.

Houston brides make bold dress choices || La Quinceañera <– This is electronic cigarette deadliest catch my first post in this blog that I created for my niece but just sat there for years. It’s an experiment right now.

Meet the HWIL Board || Hispanic Houston <– Photos from the recent “Meet the Board” event hosted by Hispanic Women in Leadership.

Texas Conference for Women had two mentions this week: Early Bird Registration ends Friday for Texas Conference for Women #txconfwomen at Her Bayou City and See you at Texas Conference for Women #txconfwomen at Sandra Says.

Texas school ratings || Not Just for Teachers <– Where I point you to the the Houston Chronicle story with the Texas Education Agency data that shows which schools are doing well, and which are not.

Children Crossing the Border Alone #hahmp #bordercrisis || Sandra Says <– A Storify recap of the Houston Association of Hispanic Media Professionals’ panel on the recent humanitarian crisis.

Children Crossing the Border Alone #hahmp #bordercrisis

Below is the Storify recap of HAHMP’s “Children Crossing the Border Alone #hahmp #bordercrisis” Panel. If you have problems viewing online casino sites it here, visit

I’ll add a few photos I took with my Cannon at a later date.


See you at Texas Conference for Women #txconfwomen

See you at Texas Conference for Women #txconfwomen — Sandra Says

Texas Conference for Women is one of those events I look forward to every year. I’m not going to lie and say that I make it to the conference, every year, but I try and mourn when I can’t. I love the speakers, the inspiration, and most of all attending an event with thousands of women just helping each other with information and ideas.

And, while I’ve participated in the conference previously by attending and being a member of the Street Buy Viagra Team, this year I’m leading one of the social media roundtables. Specifically, I will be doing a Twitter 101 session in the afternoon. I’m listed next to Karen Walrond, Jenn Smith, Veronica Morales, and Cathy Benavides. (See the full list of speakers here.) Just a little bit cool.

This year’s event is on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at the Austin Convention Center (yes, in Austin, TX). For more info, visit See you there!

See you at Texas Conference for Women #txconfwomen — Sandra Says